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    AdGuard blocks web traffic after disconnection of "real" VPN

    +1 I am having this exact same issue on Windows 10 and Adguard v7.3 with all default filters/settings
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    Exclusions using wildcards

    Thanks avatar! Hope to see this get fixed soon :)
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    Exclusions using wildcards

    Boo Berry, thank you for the help :)I had created similar filters as you listed and from the filter help page you provided but it seems that they are not working. I have https option enabled and what I am trying to do is access a website which uses a self signed certificate. When I have Ad...
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    Exclusions using wildcards

    Hello, First of all, great job with the product :) I am coming from Admuncher as it seems that, sadly the cow is dead now. So my question is regarding exclusions. How do I add exclusions for certain sites or IP addresses using wildcard characters? For example, I want to exclude ALL IP's that...