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    can't hide ads with right expression?

    Can you please show us the ads?
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    Applications Whitelist

    @Coffee Cake If you're using AdGuard for Windows, you need to go AdGuard settings -> Network -> List of filtered apps
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    Unstable ping + limited speed

    Did you reinstall the app and read that FAQ? My VPN connection is slow
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    [Resolved] Ad pop ups that cannot be intercepted

    Which filters do you using?
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    How to disable on a particular site?

    Just use one of them (extension or assistant) and try adding the rules again.
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    How to disable on a particular site?

    Can you add this rule for your User Rules? Settings -> Ad Blocker -> Filter editor @@||^$document
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    Newbie Question: Do I Need the Browser Extension and the Desktop App?

    I think desktop is enough. The browser extension only does in-browser blocking. Desktop, does system-wide blocking. But you can still use it with the extension of course.
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    vpn speed drops

    Server speeds Devs are aware of this and I hope that resolved soon.
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    Internet speed with AdGuard desktop app

    It's a known issue with AdGuard causing slow internet speed, it's been going on for years and I guess the devs haven't found a solution yet probably.
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    Internet speed gets really slow or no service at all with Adguard on

    This problem has existed for years and is known.
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    How can I allowlist (whitelist) all subdomains in Adguard?

    Try to like this without *
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    Adguard V8?

    Before the big update there is AdGuard v7.10, I guess there're months for the big update.
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    No respond from support for 5 weeks

    Hey, you can report this issue with logs on GitHub. It will be better if you write down all the details. AG Android VPN GitHub So I think they can fix the issue faster on GitHub if devs can reproduce.
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    No respond from support for 5 weeks

    Did you try reinstall the app and change the server?