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    When will there be a final release for iOS?

    Dear Adguard creators, Thank you for a good working ad blocker and privacy protector. When will you release a final version of adguard for iOS? And will there be a OS-X plus iOS license? Thank you.
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    Could not pay by paypal

    Dear Adguard, I tried to purchase a license for Adguard. When i tried to pay by paypal, the website said that i did not pay and asked whether i would go back to the adguard site. Can you give me support for this? Thank you, Martijn.
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    AdGuard for iOS.

    It would be a shame to not being able to depend on. Is there some way of making a petition for this, so that Apple will reconsider?
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    AdGuard for iOS.

    One of my parents use an Ipad currently, and i wanted to give here a license for her birthday. I came to the conclusion that there isn't a package for iOS currently. Is this planned? Because i think i do like my trail version on my macbook. Thank you, Martijn.
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    HOSTS file support?

    Dear ADGuard, I have now a trail version of ADGuard installed, and seem to like it. Do you have any support for HOSTS files, like those .txt files from the site for example? (very large version i suppose) So i can import this? Thank you, Martijn.