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    Gonna buy is this legit?

    Hello I am going to get money in 2 hours and I want to buy adguard lifetime because I have been using it with beta license for few months and I really like it and I found this website which give a good discount that would help me a lot...
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    [Resolved]Adguard backup

    Hey I back up Adguard desktop settings but there no option to back up filters and extensions? When I move to a new device I would like to have filters and extensions in backup because there so many and I can't remember every name. I took a screenshot of them but it would be nice to just click...
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    Error updating filters

    Every time i start up windows i try to update the filters and i get this. I have to exit adguard open it again and wait few minutes to start and update them. I have to click this every time to fix it.