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    AdGuard + VPN => VPN icon not showing

    Hello! I'm posting my case here since there is no forum section specifically for AdGuard VPN. I have a paid subscription for both. The case: I'm using both instances together and they worked well together until a day or so ago. The VPN icon was showing before and I noticed all of a sudden...
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    Xperia 1 II very slow connection, especially on 4G

    Hello there! I'm using AdGuard with my brand new non-rooted Sony Xperia 1 II and I noticed a very bad connection while using 4G. I suppose there is a an uncertain reception somehow but I never had it this bad. The issue was solved as soon as I shut down AdGuard. Since the device is non-rooted...
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    [Resolved]Apps not fully functioning after upgrade to Android 10 while loosing root

    HI! I've upgraded my OnePlus 5T to (a crappy version) of Android 10 and I lost root after the upgrade. I've set up a Proxy but apps aren't functioning anymore as for instance the comment sections in Facebook, Whatsapp isn't syncing anymore with my laptop, Messenger isn't updating,... I've...
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    Does free (with ads) cost us more than paying for services?

    HI! I was just thinking about this. It doesn't belong in the forums about Adguard itself but it's related to it. Are we paying more in the long term if we are using free services such as Instagram, Facebook,... instead of paid supbscriptions?
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    [Resolved]Block/filter via filter log file

    Hi! I may have missed this on the forum or by looking for it in the Windows application itself but I miss this feature. I mean, I've used this feature on the Android-app and I'm wondering why this isn't possible in a simple way on desk/laptop. I just go to the log-file, check the activity and...