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  1. The Seeker

    [Resolved] Facebook slow with English filter

    I am experiencing the same issue as outlined here on reddit - namely Facebook is extremely sluggish with the English filter enabled. Disabling it in favour of the EasyList filter immediately rectifies the issue after a page refresh. I have not used the report tool as it requires screenshots...
  2. The Seeker

    Bandwidth saved

    I think a 'bandwidth saved' section (alongside 'blocked ads' and 'blocked trackers') in the app would be a most handy feature.
  3. The Seeker

    Cookies and DNT header

    If one has chosen to block third-party cookies and send a Do Not Track request using the settings found in Google Chrome, does one benefit from enabling 'Send Do-Not-Tracker header' and 'Self-destructing third-party cookies' in AdGuard's Stealth Mode?
  4. The Seeker

    Refresh button in Filtering Log

    May I suggest a 'Refresh page' button as is found in the browser extensions? It's especially handy as allows one to keep the Filtering Log full screen, without the need to minimise and refresh the page from the browser itself.
  5. The Seeker

    Safari content blocker

    If one opts to use the AdGuard DNS servers (with the Pro version), does this negate the need for Safari's content blocker?
  6. The Seeker


    It seems iMore have resorted to pestering users to disable their adblockers once again. Link.
  7. The Seeker


    Looking for a filter to enable the Comments link. The Social media filter is removing it along with the Share buttons (as intended) at the bottom of the page. Link.
  8. The Seeker

    [Resolved] Vodafone Australia

    Vodafone's Australian site is completely blank. Filter list as seen below.