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    Does ADGUARD VPN speed up the internet in the mibox4 TV monitoring application?

    I somehow managed to install ADGUARD VPN on my mibox4 device. The internet is coming at a speed of 5mbps and 0.64 mbps when the vpn is turned off. adguard vpn is on and when the location changes, the download and upload speed over 11, but there is no freezing in my native movie watching...
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    Mibox4 ADGUARD VPN Can it be installed?

    Hi, I love ADGUARD VPN, AdGuard DNS and Adguard with all my heart, and please forgive me for translation errors. Hi, I installed Adguard VPN on my mibox4 device as an apk, I logged in with my account, but I couldn't connect to vpn servers, I got an error called "the software of this device is...
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    AdGuard VPN windows 10 problem help me :)

    Hi, I use Windows 10 64 bit, but I can't open ADGUARD VPN when I download it for windows, when I bring Mause to the icon in the lower right corner, the icon disappears and the application does not open, I would appreciate it if you could help I want to download adguard vpn for windows but it...
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    Can you bring Turkish currency for purchases?

    Can Turkish currency be brought? Can you bring Turkish currency for purchases? i am turkish i love you much Adguard DNS :)