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  1. Umbra

    New Adguard Browser Assistant

    Hi, Running: - Win10 Enterprise 1909 x64 - Chrom-Edge Version 80.0.361.66 (Official build) (64-bit) with some experimental Edge://flags being enabled but i dont believe it is an issue. - Adguard for Desktop 7.4 beta 1 (build 3147, CL 1.5.229) Then installed the new assistant from chrome...
  2. Umbra

    AdGuard VPN

    hi, so i'm testing the Adguard VPN extension, it work well so far; but i still have few questions: 1- Do you own your servers? if yes are they Baremetal or Virtual? 2- What protocols the VPN uses? OpenVPN, Wireguard? 3- Do you plan to implement multi-hop ? 4- do you plan to audit it (once...
  3. Umbra

    TLS v1.3 Implementation

    tested the TLS1.3 draft 18 patch for adguard on both chrome and FFv54b9, works good on malwaretips & Qualys SSL (see screenshots)
  4. Umbra

    Import HOSTS file lists to AdGuard

    hi, there is a way to add or convert the content of the MVPS HOSTS file list (available here : into a filter in Adguard?
  5. Umbra

    [AdGuard Desktop] Umbra's Feedbacks

    This is my thread for the desktop PC version. I have 3 pcs: (click the links for details) 1- Main laptop PC 2- Ultra-Portable Laptop PC 3- Testing PC: no fixed OS , can be Linux or Windows depending the needs. Actually Win7. Pc 1: - Installation successful - no issues for the moment
  6. Umbra

    [-] Umbra's Feedbacks [AdGuard Mobile]

    I created this thread , where i will post my feedbacks about AFM. Im using a Sky Vega phone with Android 4.1.2 rooted - At the moment , all ads in apps are blocked. - browsing speed on chrome is correct - firewall is activated ---------- Post added at 11:32 AM ---------- Previous post was at...