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    AdGuard YouTube Extension

    Thanks for trying but the iOS Safari extension to block YouTube ads is pointless. It has to be activated for every YouTube tab. If the ad starts to run, have to refresh the tab. Hasn’t anyone noticed that, without any extension all along, if an ad starts to play on YouTube just refresh the...
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    FaceCrook is clean, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Could not find my original post reporting that ads had reappeared in FaceCrook. Don’t know what changed but now no ads are being displayed on FaceCrook. AdGuard is doing its thing on Safari and Firefox, on my iPad. Also, no ads in YouTube in the browsers. Still play in any YouTube-related...
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    Adguard is getting to be a PITA

    Ads are appearing in Apple Mail, in particular the powerinboxedge ads. When I updated to the latest Mac beta, all of my filters were deleted. I reinstalled and updated them. Yet, those ads are appearing. Was NEVER a problem on the Mac. What's broken, now? On the bright side, have to hide 1 or 2...