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    Threat Blocked...

    Adguard Browsing Security Module has blocked a request to a potentially dangerous website. URL: There are other urls that have been blocked too all to do with fb, my computer is making the threat blocked sound every few seconds. Images and videos are not...
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    Microsoft Alert (Fake)

    Hey guys anyway to block one of these fake microsoft alert bs things? What happens is the page loads you get audio "your computer has been infected.." then they spam code to slow the browser down (stop it after a while) i did contact the siter admins but, seems they dont give a shit - .- id put...
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    Google Opinion Rewards

    So yesterday i remembered i did not have Google Opinion Rewards installed and i like the free cash for apps, so i installed it got to the setup process (Next, Next, Next... "Error please try again later") i tried three times all with the same results. I thought well im having issues with Youtube...
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    These guys have recently added popups onto their website and because im crap at writing my own filters plus i can not figure out how to stop it even with element inspector im at a loss so, can you kind guys figure it out for me? :rolleyes: Here is a page that it all starts to happen...
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    Windows 10 and Firefox (adguard not working)

    Hey folks long time no speak. I just installed Windows 10 and Adguard (and its firefox certificate) and, yeh its not working any ideas what i need to do? I checked Edge and the icon is in the bottom right for that so i dunno...
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    Stealth Mode

    Is there anyway to tell stealth mode to ignore certain sites? I noticed i got issues logging into Battlefield 4 this link to be precise (loads up my favorite servers)|bf4|servers|favourites|pc| With stealth-mode enabled: The page isn't...
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    Block all in app ads in the future?

    Let me explain... I have come across some applications where you can either unlock an ad free application or you can buy the premium version of the app which is "ad free!" but both of them actually still display ads to the developers applications so what they are saying is not entirely true...
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    Problems with mega?

    Hey folks anyone having issues with Seems every time ive tried to download from them im getting this error An error occurred while loading MEGA. The file is corrupt...
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    Porn sites hit by malware hidden in ads.

    Just came across this article, goes to show blocking ads is a good idea. I may *coughs* have to scan my computer haha ___________ Security firm Malwarebytes says a campaign of malware hidden inside online ads which hit search engine Yahoo earlier this year has now also appeared on adult...
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    Can one you great guys have a look at this site and kindly remove the ads, i have just signed up for an account there to ask a few questions and didnt mind the small ads then this whole page one for asda appeared. Had to disable adguard because no content was showing. Edit...
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    Can you have a look at DealPad fr me please

    Hey guys can you have a quick look at DealPad and tell me if what im reading on my tablet is correct because it seems a little unbelievable. I would provide a screenshot but ive never been able to get my nexus to take one and ive read "many" guides. Anyway here is what its saying for one day...
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    Just thought i would post this error here.

    Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: Adguard.exe Problem Signature 02: 5.10.2021.6301 Problem Signature 03: 5535187f Problem Signature 04: PresentationCore Problem Signature 05: 4.0.30319.34209 Problem Signature 06: 5348b56b Problem Signature 07...
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    Dont worry this image is clean haha ||
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    Youtube issue?

    Hi there, i have noticed an intermittent issue with adguard and the youtube app. I do not reply to videos often but sometimes when i have attempted to on my tablet i am told "Can't establish a reliable connection to the server" so i have disabled adguard which then lets me reply to the video of...
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    License info

    Don't know if this is an issue or not tbh might just be because im on a beta license till i change over to my premium one. But i have turned on my computer and noticed that adguard was yellow, had no idea why and found out it was because my license expires in 5 days. The date of license expiry...
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    Had an issue this morning which was soon fixed by disabling adguard (seems to be intermittent) First i noticed that the halifax main page took longer than usual to load (this is all the time it seems),i had a white screen for a second or two longer than usual, i then went to log into my...
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    Ugh so annoying

    So i saw some people talking about a game i thought i would check it out via a google search, anyway the result is below, is it something to do with my tablet or adguard?
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    Notification Icon Status.

    Is it possible to get a status icon based on the state of adguard? For example Green/White for active Red for deactivated, the reason im asking for this is because i was confused why i was getting so many ads on my Nexus i mean the icon was in the top corner saying adguard was running but it...
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    [resolved] Extratorrent

    Can not figre this out, soon as i double click a window is opened with an add. I tried to block the following:, show_ads_adsterra.js,, and but they...
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    Combine a class/id title?

    Is there anyway to combine a filter that uses the same title for an ID and Class? For example and Or is the only way to have them separate filters.