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    Can somebody please show me how to block the ads playing at the beginning of videos on my local news site? It would be greatly appreciated :) Website:
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    [Resolved] Broken site

    Forums are blank even after unticking the filter rules that I found for the site. Works fine when Adguard is disabled. Example link below
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    [Resolved] Lifehacker - comments blocked I have to disable protection to view the comments using Adguard for Windows. Tested using IE and Firefox.
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    Flickr broken

    When trying to view someone's photos clicking on the thumbnails does nothing. Once Adguard has been disabled photos open. This happened on both Firefox v28 and IE11.
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    YouTube with Internet Explorer broken

    Previously Adguard was disabling previews on YouTube with Internet Explorer. Now when you try to play a video all you get is a black box. Videos play on Firefox and on Internet Explorer if you run the Youtube Center userscript extension(for me anyway). Running the latest beta BTW.
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    [resolved] - anti-adblock script

    Adblock detected
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    Googlifix userscript not working

    Googlifix(restores the old style extended search menu on Google) does not appear to be working on Firefox.
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    Cannot block Flash element

    On there is a Flash dock(the horizontal row of movie covers just above ANNOUNCEMENTS) that I would like to be able to block. I can do this using ABP with Element Hiding Helper but AdGuard does not recognize it as a blockable element. Any ideas?