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    Unblock telemetry

    Hi, I don't like ads but I have no problem with apps collecting their telemetry data, as I think in many cases it's very useful for the developers to collect these data, so I don't want to block that completely. By default, Adguard seems to be a little bit too strict for me, because according...
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    Example: Ads appearing again above and below search results
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    DNS causing problems

    Hi! I noticed that for some apps, setting a custom DNS in AdGuard seems to be problematic. I disabled local DNS filtering (black hole) and I was just using Cloudflare DNS, so there is no DNS filtering involved. I noticed problems with the following two apps: - DriveNow Car Sharing (it takes...
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    Filter category "Security" disabled by default

    Hi! There is one thing which I find really counterintuitive in the newer Adguard releases. If you go to the screen where you enabled/disable or add filters, there is a category "Security" which is disabled by default because no filters within this category are selected. To the user, this looks...
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    Opening Adguard settings increases Edge browser window size

    Hi, I want to report a strange bug that was there already with Adguard extension 2.x, but is also present with the new 3.x. When you click on Adguard icon and then on the gear icon to enter extension settings, the size of the Edge browser window will be increased slightly in both horizontal...
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    High CPU load with really fast internet connection

    Hello! I have a question regarding Adguard for Windows and its resource usage. I have a 500 Mbit/s down / 50 Mbit/s up internet connection, and when downloading something with full speed or doing a speedtest, AdguardSvc.exe is consuming ~25% CPU (on a Core i7 8700K). So without Adguard service...
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    Annoying cursor freeze when AdGuard UI/tray icon starts

    Hi! I'm experiencing a very annoying thing caused by Adguard. Whenever the computer is loading the desktop (after a restart, or after user sign-off and sign-on again) and Adguard tray icon loads the first time in this session, the mouse cursor is freezing for half a second up to a second. If I...
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    Adguard DNS best practice

    Hi! I want to use AdGuard in VPN mode not only for filtering ads but also to force using a secure DNS. So I enable DNS in AdGuard. The question is: Although I'm not subscribed to the simplified DNS filtering list, enabling DNS in AdGuard or setting up the AdGuard DNS server (via secure...
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    IPv6 is being blocked

    Hi! Is it the intended behavior of Adguard to block IPv6 connections? I checked it with using Samsung Internet Browser, and if Adguard is disabled I get proper IPv6 connection, with Adguard enabled the v6 test fails completely. Is there a reason for Adguard to block IPv6? Edit...
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    Adguard messing around with IPv6 settings

    Hi! Every time Adguard is started, the following DWORD value in registry is changed: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters\DisabledComponents -> is always set back to (0x28) by Adguard That means the following: 0x08 - Teredo disabled (which is ok, because...
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    Sync user filter between multiple devices

    Hi! I would like to keep my user filter database in sync between two PCs and Android. I know that Adguard doesn't provide any sync feature for that purpose by itself, but can it be done via Onedrive/Dropbox? Something like moving the user filter database to a Onedrive folder on each PC and sync...
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    Disable filtering without disabling Adguard local proxy

    Hi! In proxy mode, disabling protection/filtering means disabling the local proxy, thus in manual proxy mode it's not possible anymore to access the internet without removing the not longer available proxy from wifi or apn configuration. As a consequence, if a website is broken and you...
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    Manual proxy mode for cellular data

    Hi! I have a question to the Adguard team: Why do you say that there is no way to use manual proxy mode with cellular data? Im using a Galaxy S7 which is not rooted and I just went to the APN configuration which has empty fields for "proxy" and "port" and put the data from Adguard there. It's...
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    [-],97379.html How it should look like (Adguard disabled): How it looks like at the moment (Adguard enabled, no custom rules):
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    Example: I don't know when it started, but depending on the search term there are sometimes even more ads than actual results, as soon as it is related to any product. Bing was completely ad-free for me some time ago. Is it possible to block all...
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    [*] There is an ad slipping through (see attached screenshot). It's not always there but after refreshing several times it should appear. Adguard assistant was able to block it by adding the following rule to custom filters: > DIV.primary_content >...
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    Norton Security "Unauthorized access blocked"-events

    Hi! On one of my computers which has Norton installed I noticed that it is logging hundreds/thousands/millions of "Unauthorized access blocked" events in its eventlog which according to Norton is caused by the adguardsvc.exe trying to get access to Nortons ns.exe - process. It's the same thing...
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    AdGuard not filtering several sites anymore

    Hi! Since the last update (s. signature), it seems like Adguard is not working anymore on several sites, both https and http. It looks rather random and I have no idea what could be the cause of the problem. I don't remember that I have changed anything else in my system. Examples for sites...
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    WOT search ratings

    Hi! Is there any possibility to add WOT search ratings via userscript? I would like to have them in MS Edge. Are there maybe any plans to add them to the Adguard WOT extension? If not, could you please at least consider to add a setting to the existing WOT extension where we can set a...
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    Adblock detection prevents video from playing: