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    Hello, On this website i see very often an adblock message. If i change the website language to English, the banner is gone. Is it possible to fix this for the dutch version (nl). i'm using firefox. also tried in Edge. See second screenshot. Tried to do it myzelf but i have no luck.
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    Hello, Sins several days, Firefox and also Edge (chrome version) is very slow when open webpages. In the left corner i see, waiting If i close adguard, everything is working fine. I had Eset Internet security installed. I already uninstalled it and now I'm running windows...
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    Problem whit incoming calls

    Hello, I have the problem that sometimes if someone calls me, he or she get the message that my phone is off. But my phone is on. That is on my OnsPlus 8 Pro whit android 11, but was also happening on Android 10. I found the solution of the problem after my friend that has a iPhone, that had...
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    Battery consumption

    Hello, I always use AdGuard Premium on Android. Sins a few days I switched from Android to iOS. I can’t seem to find my answer, but can someone tell me how the battery consumption is when AdGuard is used? I have a iPhone 11pro max.
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    Informant Sync problems

    Hello, When adguard is enabled I can't sync or login to informant. Also tried the last nightly. Dit not solve the issue. Also in adguard filter log there is nothing. If I try to sync Informant I see Informant sync problem. For now I disabled filtering for Informant. There are no ads. This is...
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    Hello, If I use adguard as local VPN I can go to the website. If I use adguard as local http proxy I get a blank screen. Anyone know the solution? I already disabled all filters and dns but that did not help.
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    i don't care about cookies filter

    Hello, If i add the i don't care about cookies filter into adguard, the websiter where is a cookies message don't work. No website, no cookie message. I have to disable adguard and click on accept cookie. If i delete the filter from adguard and add the same filter in Chrome/Firefox than i don't...
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    Mozilla Firefox SSL Certificate

    Hello, Today i disabled SSL/TLS protocol filtering by Eset so it won't scan certifcates anymore. Now Adguard will do that, but in firefox i see by every https website: mozilla does not recognize this certificate issuer. It may have been added from your operating system or by an administrator...
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    High CPU when Windscribe browser plugin enabled

    Hi, I just upgraded to the lateste adguard 7 beta. When Windscribe vpn browserplugin is enabled, adguard uses about 50% CPU and the website is keeping loading. I add a screenshot of the CPU load. If you want to test this i will give you my Windscribe username and password via pm if needed...
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    Hello, Adguard is going crazy if i go to This is a subtitle website. Use it for years. I visit the site 3 times and i have 142 block threads Edit: After update it is fixed.
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    Firefox sync not working

    Hello, When i enable Stealth mode than Firefox Sync won't work anymore. Is this normal or am i doing something wrong? Regards.
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    Sins a few days the adguard assistant is not showing on I see sometimes also ads. If i disable the english filter there are ads showing what is normal, but i also see the Adguard Assistant. Is there something wrong in the english filter? I already reinstall...