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    Blocked threat information

    Could be great, it'd be useful as to know what to avoid in the future. Plus, it'd be easier to distinguish actual threats from false alerts.
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    Did 7.6 completely break filtering for anyone else?

    Oh, okay, so I didn't mess up the update, it means that there's definitely an issue with 7.6. I'm reverting to 7.5.3 right now, is there an ETA for a fix?
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    Clear urls

    Thanks, I didn't even know that tracking parameters in URLs were a thing... I guess I still have much to learn, but now I know how to deal with these trackers!
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    Bbc videos won't play

    Thanks, it worked for me, too! I thought it was because of proxy issues (I'm in Russia, and needed to "be" in Britain to watch the videos), but that was the reason.