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    Adguard 4 : Is it planned fixing slow Wifi speed on newer Samsung phones android 11 ?

    Posted on reddit but maybe it'll get more visibility here. I switched from a Huawei which has no problems with Adguard to a new Samsung phone and then all speed tests are -50 to -80% Wifi dl speed with Adguard on. It's obviously not always visible as i have fiber but pretty annoying...
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    [Resolved]Bypassing ads for rewards in some games/apps

    Hello, I wanted to know if Adguard was able to bypass these ads that are often asked to watch in exchange of a reward, it's mostly used in games. Right now when it happens, i obviously get the error "ad not available" because Adguard is blocking it, but at the same time i cannot get the reward...
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    [Resolved]AdGuard not blocking ads banner in all "sports schedules" apps

    Hello, I've downloaded a live score app from sports schedules this one : Developer has more apps for other sports and it's the same thing, Adguard isn't filtering these ads banner. I attached some pics. I'm...