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    strange behaviour of using adguard and adguard VPN at the same time

    I am using both adguard and adguard VPN on my macbook. I found that the IP address hiding is different if the running sequence is different. 1. a. turn on adguard first : IP address changed from original to LV, USA b turn on adguard VPN : IP address remains unchanged and still be LV, USA 2...
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    no adguard VPN servers in Manila, Philippines?

    I tried to connect adguard VPN servers in Manila, Philippines but found that the IP address returned is in Singapore. How can I have IP address in Manila?
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    separate forum for adguard VPN? (android, ios, mac, windows, TV)

    adguard VPN is a new app and can we have separate forum for specific discussion of adguard VPN different versions? (android, ios, mac, windows, TV)
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    which version of adguard vpn can be used in Amazon Fire 4K TV stick?

    I found that the adguard VPN is not compatible with Amazon Fire 4K TV stick. Which version is supported?