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    [*] - adblock detection

    The scrolling of the website is blocked and a message asking to turn off ad blocking appears when I visit this page Url page detect adblock Problem video here here is the list of filters i use Filters Ad blocking 2/4 + AdGuard Base filter + Adguard Mobile Ads Filter Privacy 2/7 + Adguard...
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    is there any way to hide bad words using adguard ?

    Please tell me is there a rule that can help me to hide bad words in social comment plugins? Specifically, comments embedding facebook in a web page.
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    Please help me, I am using Adguard for Android I have tried turning on the filter Ablock Warning Removal List and Annoyances but not working. Sample Link
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    [Resolved]Adguard does not filter ads in the Via Browser

    Although other browsers such as (Chrome, Firefox) all work normally, when I switched to using "Via Browser", Adguard did not filter ads in this browser ... I have attached the log file that I exported from Adguard. Sorry my english is not good!