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    Can't get a beta key

    I've asked via pm and via email. I've been a tester for a very long time. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or an I asking the wrong person? @vasily_bagirov ? Posted from my motto g stylus 5G
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    Beta Testing Question.....

    Hello, everyone. I've been on the beta channel for about a year now, and my license is about to expire. Sadly, I'm disabled, and cannot work into my budget a way to purchase a license. However, I would like to continue beta-testing, as I am on the Fast ring of the Windows 10 insider program. So...
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    AdGuard blocking all websites on latest Windows 10 insider fast ring release

    As the title states, adguard is blocking all webpages from loading on the newest windows 10 insider fast-ring build. Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview (64-bit) Build 14942.rs_prerelease.161003-1923 My guess is that it's something to do with the way AdGuard's certificate is handled under this new...
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    Okay, I'm stumped..."Cannot enable protection"

    So early this morning, my time (Central Standard Time), I had adguard running smoothly...everything was working out fine. So I rebooted to check some bios settings, no biggie. I didn't change one single setting while in there, I just checked that everything was to my liking. Which it was. So I...