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    No longer works after upgrading to 10.3

    Do you have an update planned that will allow AdguardPro to work on 10.3? I've updated the filters and that still does not block ads in any apps including MSN news. MSN money AP News and just any app I use on my phone.
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    Upgraded to 10.1.1, AdGuard No Longer Works in Apps

    Since I upgraded to 10.1.1, Adguard no longer blocks ads in apps. It worked perfectly in 9.3.3. I am having the same problem on 2 iPhone running 10.1.1, an iPhone 6S+ and a 6S. No ads in apps are being blocked. This is happening in: AP News CNN Denver 7 MSN Money MSN News NBC News 9News Weather...
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    [Resolved] [Android] Ads In MSN Apps

    Several months ago, I posted that ads were being blocked in MSN news and MSN Money but also, all content within the apps was also being blocked. That same day, the filters were updated to fix the problem. Te stpry headlines show up but when opening an article, nothing loads in each app. The...
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    Instagram Sponsored Content

    Instagrams app was updated and now it shows sponsored content which is an ad. Anyway to block this? Thanks