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    [*] Mac-Opera adblock detection

    Hi, Is this normal that under this link: I get following message in video box I also don't see the adguard button in the bottom right and after clicking "reload" from this message I get some ads.
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    If I have AdGuard app... do I need Safari extension?

    Hey, I just wanna ask, if having AdGuard as an app for Mac and also as a browser extension in Safari is a good idea? What approach is better - having just one of them or both? As they are created by the same company, it should work well together but... do they? No problem with running them at...
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    [Android] It stops ads but still opening new window

    I am watching cartoons on this website. I open Samsung Internet and just choose a player (mostly and that's super great that ads are actually stopped (warning - some of pop-ups after hitting "play" contain "adult ads" - if you open the link without AdGuard) but, unlike the Mac/Pc...