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    A lot of websites not loading on Google Chrome

    Hi Team, The website is not opening (attachment added) when AdGuard is enabled. I've tried adding to the HTTPS filter list exclusions. However, that did not help. I am a Viki Premium subscriber, so they do not show any ads to me. Can you please help in this regard? Please let...
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    HTTPS filter for Apple Music App

    Hi Team, Is there a way I can use Apple Music on my Mac? With Adguard enabled, Apple Music iCloud Library does not update. How do I add an exception? I am a noob, and I just switch Adguard to Green on wake of my computer automatically. I don't want to switch to Adguard Nightly (at least, not...
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    Adguard Nightly on Big Sur: Cisco Webex Meetings do not launch

    Hi Team, After I enable the Adguard Proxy Configuration in Adguard Nightly, the Cisco Webex Meetings app is unable to start meetings. I've attached the screenshot and logs for you. The issue was reproducible at 8:46 AM (Indian Standard Time) today. Vishwa
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    Big Sur Safari won't open websites after Adding Adguard Proxy Configuration

    Hi team, I am on the latest Big Sur release (October 14). After resetting the settings, Safari seems to be working only until I Add Proxy Configuration for Adguard. My Adguard version is: Application version release (CL-1.7.119) Once I Add the Proxy Configuration, even Google and MSN...