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    Adguard-VPN blocking Discord app

    Hello I can’t seem to get the native iOS Discord application working with Adguard VPN enabled. I’m running iOS 14.1 Is there a way to allow traffic do you want from specific apps?
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    Adguard VPN gripes

    Hey there, I’m running both adGuard and adguard VPN on IOS. I love adguard on every platform I’m used it on. I’m TRYING to like AdGuard VPN. It’s just not on the same level of polish and robustness as it’s sister products. I know, I know, it’s just been realest so ill be reasonable. My first...
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    AdGuard VPN with AdGuard on iOS

    Hello, I am using AdGuard pro and AdGuard VPN. I’m having trouble knowing what settings to choose in each respective app to keep both services happy and running. For example AdGuard VPN has two operating modes. General and Integrated. Integrated is recommended but disables DNS filtering. Is...