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  1. Nzyme

    Route All Traffic Through AG

    How can I route the entire device traffic through AG? Currently, I believe only a few browsers are filtered as seen in the 'List of Filtered Apps' section. Is there a way through which ALL of the device traffic (incoming & outgoing) is routed through AG so that it can filter ads, trackers, etc...
  2. Nzyme

    Tracking Prevention

    Will enabling the 'Tracking Prevention' feature in Edge interfere with AG's (Edge Extension) ability to block ads/trackers/etc.? I am assuming that the trackers/ads that are blocked as part of the native 'Tracking Prevention' in Edge are also included in AG filters? So does enabling the feature...
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  4. Nzyme

    Fake Movie Streaming Domain Fake Movie streaming site. Please block
  5. Nzyme

    YouTube Ads

    I am on Android 6 and using AG [v.3.5.2 (66)]. I have enabled HTTPS Filtering and cleared the app cache & data from the YT app. However, I still see ads upon running YT and playing videos. Another app like AdClear is able to block ALL ads on YT perfectly. Why is AG still unable to block ads in YT?
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  7. Nzyme

    Fake Movie Sites
  8. Nzyme

    Malicious/Sponsor Domains

    The following domains are used to serve malicious programs:
  9. Nzyme

    Please unblock this site as it is a porn website.
  10. Nzyme

    Fake Movie Streaming Domains Fake movie streaming site.
  11. Nzyme

    [Resolved] Site serves downloader instead of actual apps.
  12. Nzyme

    AdGuard Extension from Chrome Store or Edge Store?

    Edge got updated yesterday to version 83.0.478.50 on Windows 10. Should I install the AG extension from the Edge store or Chrome store? I tried installing it from the Chrome store and it works flawlessly. Does the version from Edge store have any limitations compared to the Chrome store version?
  13. Nzyme

    [Resolved] Please block this domain as it serves malicious files
  14. Nzyme

    [Resolved]Malicious Domain

    Please block this domain as it serves malicious files
  15. Nzyme

    Update Link for NordVPN Instructions

    On this page, the instructions mention to click on this link to choose any server for "Obfuscated" (against the field 'Proxy Host'). However, that link just takes you to the page giving information on various servers and does not show you the actual server name. Please update that link to this...
  16. Nzyme

    Certificate Errors

    I have been getting certificate error notifications for certain apps like Norton, Sophos & even WhatsApp since the past couple of days. I don't recollect exactly but it's something like the apps don't trust the certificates, etc. I updated AG to the latest release version (3.3.229). I do not...
  17. Nzyme

    Fake/Malicious Software Domains Please blacklist these sites as they offer malicious/fake downloads
  18. Nzyme

    [Resolved]Malicious/Fake Software Domains
  19. Nzyme

    [Resolved]Icon Color

    What does the orange icon color indicate for an app in 'Apps Management'? See under 'Settings' and 'Firewall'.
  20. Nzyme

    [Resolved]Sponsor Redirect Domains