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  1. Abby

    AdGuard + iCloud Private Relay issue

    Hi, there is a problem with combination AdGuard and iCloud Private Relay on the macOS Monterey and iOS/iPadOS too - blocking ads not working if iCloud Private Relay is active.
  2. Abby

    Can not login to AdGuard VPN and AdGuard

    Hi, I have a problem, I can not login to AdGuard VPN app and AdGuard app on Mac and PC. Login on the web is working without problem. I was reset my password, remove 2FA and nothing, can not login still.
  3. Abby

    AdGuard Assistant not working in Safari 14

    Hi, extension AdGuard Assistant not working for me in Safari 14 / macOS Catalina, not activated for safety issue... Is any way for use Safari and AdGuard both? Thank you.
  4. Abby

    AdGuard Pro + ProtonVPN

    Hi, I have a problem with current use Adguard Pro and ProtonVPN on iOS (actually 14.3). If I activate AdGuard Pro both options (Safari Protection and DNS Protection) and activate ProtonVPN, internet not working, both wifi and mobile data. If I deactivate DNS Protection, internet working, but not...
  5. Abby

    Renew beta key

    Hi, can you renew my beta key? Will be expired 15. october. Thank you.
  6. Abby

    [Resolved]AdGuard for Linux

    Hi, is possible create full AdGuard for Linux? Extension is fine, but full app is better. Thank you.
  7. Abby

    Opera VPN has problem with active AdGuard

    Hi, I use web browser Opera, actualy version is 50.0.2762.58 stable and I have a problem with Opera VPN, connect is impossible if HTTPS filtering is active in AdGuard. If I disable HTTPS filtering, VPN is working. I think, that will be help add exclusion for Opera VPN to HTTPS filter, but I...
  8. Abby

    AdGuard not working with Opera

    Hi, AdGuard 6.2.436.2170 for Windows and 1.5.0 beta for macOS not working with Opera browser (last stable version - 49.0.2725.39). In last stable Chrome and Safari working normal. OS's are Windows 10 x64 Fall Creators Update and macOS High Sierra 10.13.1. Thank you.
  9. Abby

    Not working block ads on Youtube videos

    Hi, it's a few days back, whats stopped working as blocking ads before videos on YouTube. You do not know, please, in what may be the problem and how to recover it blocking? Otherwise AdGuard works great. Thank you.