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    iOS 14 Public Beta 3 AdGuard Pro No Internet

    I updated my iPhone 11 Pro Max 13.5 to 14b3 today and it appears that when DNS Protection is enabled, I have no internet. So far it’s the only thing that is not working correctly on the new iOS. can we expect an update soon? Or is there anything I can try to resolve this issue?
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    1.2.1 vs 2.1.0

    1.2.1 vs 2.1.0 I am still on version 1.2.1, but I’m fed up updating all my 500 apps manually every day. What is the difference between AdGuard Pro 1.2.1 and post 1.2.1? Is there really no system wide ad blocking in latest versions?” Alternatively, is there any way I can enable automatic...
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    Facebook app Suggested Posts

    I noticed that Suggested posts on Facebook app have increased dramatically since last week or so. I would say that about 33% of all content on Facebook app is Suggested posts. AdGuard Pro doesn't seem to block them. Any suggestions?