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    Can't switch Twitter profiles with AdGuard enabled

    On Twitter, you can be logged in with 2 different profiles at once. With AdGuard enabled, it's impossible to switch between these. If I disable AdGuard, switching works just fine.
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    AdGuard for Android breaks my WiFi?

    I tried to install AdGuard on a new device. However, activating AdGuard breaks my WiFi. It stops working/loading anything. The only way to get it to work is to uninstall AdGuard AND delete the certificate it installed. This does not affect my mobile data, just WiFi. I have tried uninstalling...
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    AdGuard - how to block Google one-tap log in prompts?

    AdGuard does not seem to block Google one-tap (log in with Google pop-up on 3rd party websites). Is there a way to fix that? More info: Thanks!