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    AdGuard for MAC

    I run the premium paid AG for Mac, Safari. When I switch to Firefox. is AG still running? I am not seeing ads but not sure it is running. I see there is a seperate section for extensions and Firefox is listed. Not real concerned but I am curious. Thanks in advance.
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    WIFI Router with Built In antivirus/malware security

    I use an iMac running Big Sur 11.6. I use the paid version of AdGuard as well as the paid Premium version of MW Bytes. I will be needing a new wifi router soon and many come with anti virus or malware protection built-in. ASUS has something called AIProtection by Trend micro. I am curious if...
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    AdGuard Reads Credit Card Numbers and Passwords

    In the screen shot below, in permissions, it states that AG can read sensitive data. Does that mean it reads my passwords as they are typed in? CC numbers? Bank account numbers? In other words, does AG have access to my accounts?
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    Threats Blocked

    Is there a way to see or identify what threats were blocked by AG?
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    AdGuard Assistant Permissions

    On the recent Safari update - 14.0 - it came with AG Assistant. I have been using the paid version of AG for quite a while and very satisfied. In the screen shot below, the permissions indicate that AG can see my passwords, credit cards, and such. Really? Does that also apply to...
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    ADGUARD Icon Hijacked by Yahoo

    In the tab marked Popular, I have AG, both the website and the forum for quick access. The AG icon for the website is present but for the forum it has been replaced by the purple box with the white letter y and exclamation point followed by Adguard Forum . Any thoughts? Should I be concerned...
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    ADGYARD for Mail

    Under SYSTEM preferences, privacy and security, full disc access, adguard is not checked, MalwareBytes is. Should AG be checked? I have no problems. Just curious. Thanks!
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    AdGuard News Digest

    I received the AG News Digest; very good article for AG for Safari. However, the panes/description in the digest do not match what I have with the paid/premium version. Is there a reason for the difference? Catalina 10.15.4. Here are shots from the digest and my installed AG: Any...
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    OS 10.15.4 Legacy Issues

    I just updated Catalina to OS 10.15.4. This popped up when AdGuard loaded after the restart. I had the same message when Malware Bytes loaded after the restart. Any ideas as to what is happening and are any features disabled? Thanks!
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    Adguard DNS

    I am currently running AdGuard, paid version Would there be any benefit to installing AdGuard DNS? And conflicts between the two? I read the FAQ and it seems parts of the DNS are used in other AdGuard products: "We use AdGuard DNS functionality as a part of other AdGuard...
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    AdGuard Assistant and On-Line Banking

    This may be a silly question for more experienced users of AG but why is AG Assistant present on all sites except for the bank I deal with? Not a problem but I am curious.
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    [Resolved]New iMac in my future

    Sometime the near future I will be getting a new iMac. How do I transfer the license from the old to the new? Do I quit AdGuard on the old system and install on the new? Do I uninstall? I have a license for 3 and don't want to waste the license. Thanks.
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    New Premium User Impressed

    As some of you know, I have been asking a lot of questions about certain features of the premium version of AdGuard and getting a lot of help. I still do not understand everything but am learning. Early on I questioned the number of ads blocked and the data saved and all was explained. I...
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    [Resolved]AdGuard Assistant Icon Disappeared

    I recently reset the statistics (zeroed out the number of blocked ads and data saved). Put the computer to sleep and when I went back hours later, the assistant icon was gone. I reset the settings ant it reappeared after a restart. Is this normal? Not sure if I did something wrong. Thanks.
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    [Resolved]AdGuard Stopped Working

    I powered up my iMac as usual tonight. The AdGuard Shield/icon has an exclamation point. I clicked on the icon and tried to turn it on. Nothing! Tried several times with no results. I also run Malware Bytes. I noticed that the icons for Malware Bytes and AdGuard had switched positions on...
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    [Resolved]Have another AdGuard for Mac question

    I purchased the lifetime license for AdGuard. When I open it (it is running flawlessly by the way), I see the number of ads blocked but there is a category regarding 'DATA SAVED'. What is it saving? It has grown to over 4MB. Not sure what that is and where it is saving whatever it is saving...
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    [Resolved]New member with a question

    I have had the free version Adguard on my iMac for several years. Very effective. How often does it update or do I need to manually call for an update? Also, is there a distinct advantage over the free version with the paid version? Thanks.