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  1. mysteriously

    Router restart caused netio.sys BSOD

    [Win|] Router restart caused netio.sys BSOD Hello, Today I enabled Firefox filtering in Adguard but I still have issues. I restarted 'my' router* using web interface via FF and noticed BSOD right after confirming the restart. Not sure if ESET, Adguard or other thing caused it. I...
  2. mysteriously

    Skip installed check & set installer language

    Is there any way to: 1) skip checking if Adguard is already installed 2) set installer language? I would like to go through all but last one installer steps without having to uninstall Adguard and set installer language to other than OS language. Hmm maybe ask for language in 1st installer step?
  3. mysteriously

    Forum's awards page

    The forum's awards page seems to be available only in Russian.
  4. mysteriously

    Filtering Avira Scout

    Avira Scout (Avira-Scout.exe) is missing from browsers list and Adguard does not filter it.
  5. mysteriously

    Lower layer driver & DNS filtering

    Hello, As the title says, do you have any plans to implement DNS filtering and lower layer driver to improve (reduce) CPU usage for Adguard for Windows?
  6. mysteriously

    This website freezes web browsers If I disable Adguard, the website loads. However IE gives me ~20% CPU usage and FF 40-55%.
  7. mysteriously

    [Win] Latest update check time is not being updated

    Hello, Main window reports that latest update check was 3 days ago (more than 48 hours ago) while filters in Ad blocker tab have been updated less than 48 hours ago. This time I made a video to make sure we are talking about the same thing :) I think GUI restart would fix this so I recorded in...
  8. mysteriously

    [WIN] GUI reports unexpected license downgrade - trial

    Hello, Adguard GUI just showed me that my trial license will expire soon. Of course on my personal account everything seems to be fine: License is active until 2017 May 25 I had and still have some internet connection issues, I lost DSL connection like ~50 times for last couple days. I also...
  9. mysteriously

    [Win 7] Reset settings -> WFP driver is default; AdGuard GUI stuck

    Looks like after resetting settings, WFP driver is default (or at least GUI says so), Win7 x64. Restarting the service fixes it. Is this intentional? You can skip 0:46-4:30 part as GUI got stuck. Maybe it was stuck beacause of GUI was running in background when...
  10. mysteriously

    [Win] AdGuard latest filters update check time is incorrect

    For some unknown reason latest update check time shown in tooltip and main window is incorrect. This is nothing new for me, I saw it in Adguard 6.x alpha builds, maybe even in v5.x. I usually use sleep mode instead of shutdown, maybe it's somehow related. Video:
  11. mysteriously

    Imgur medium thumbnail -> original size

    Hello, Imgur does not seem to provide direct way to copy medium thumbnail -> original size image link after uploading. I would like to replace HTML on double click event by replacing Original Linked BBCode (message boards) link with Medium thumbnail Linked BBCode link and first link to Direct...
  12. mysteriously

    [WIN] GUI can freeze with RC build

    [SOLVED] GUI can freeze with RC build Adguard GUI can freeze with RC and beta. A detailed way to reproduce is unknown, it just happens sometimes... Logs:!O0xnha5B!wlxEdlZLonNcrPVZhZpQAPt00X2yytixWQBguAvEPaM Video: I use...
  13. mysteriously

    Oneskyapp issue

    [REQUEST] Oneskyapp script Hello, I have weak CPU. Oneskyapp loads all phrases by default. This makes my browsers to be completely unresponsive for 2-5 minutes. Same if I switch from EN-US-POSIX to EN. Would it be possible to do something about it? Pseudocode :) // lang if URL (...
  14. mysteriously

    Filtering Otter Browser

    Hello, Otter Browser (otter-browser.exe) is missing from browsers list and Adguard does not filter it.
  15. mysteriously

    [Resolved] [Win] Thumbnails don't animate

    English filter breaks thumbnails animation on Works fine with @@||$urlblock Checked IE11 and FF43b9, Adguard for Win
  16. mysteriously

    Filtering Midori (web browser)

    Hello, I don't see the Midori on filtered browsers list. The browser stops responding as soon as its window shows up...
  17. mysteriously

    AdGuard v6 uninstaller

    Adguard uninstaller Hello, The request to create Adguard v6 uninstaller with the following features: * run only in safe mode -> 3rd party apps/AV won't interfere * run with admin privileges with a possibility to escalate rights to SYSTEM in problematic cases -> possibility to delete...
  18. mysteriously

    [Win7 x64] Update does not download setup file

    Hi, Yesterday I had problem with updating Adguard. I had Adguard for Windows 5.10.2020.6300. When clicked on update button the app detected there is new version (5.10.2021.6301) available. After clicking update the update should be downloaded. The problem is that nothing has been downloaded -...
  19. mysteriously

    Controversial information message

    If filters are up to date and you manually check for updates again then popup shoups up:
  20. mysteriously

    Adblock Polska has not been updated recently

    Adguard reports those filters lists has not been updated for: Spyware - 17 days Adblock Polska - 48 days. Dunno what about spyware. I've send an e-mail to the guy who makes polish list but got no response for a couple days. Other polish list for Adblock Plus has not been updated since 2012...