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    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    3 days ago I upgraded my Uverse fiber internet from 300/300 to 1000/1000. If Adguard is enabled my speeds are only around 400/300. As soon as I disable Adguard my speeds go back up to 1100/990 (Uverse is over provisioned). I can repeat this behavior over and over again. I am using Windows 10 64...
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    [Resolved]New Adguard Security Certificate For Firefox Blocks Internet Access

    I am using Adguard V3.1.0 (1.3.347cl) for Android. My phone is running Android Nougat. Last night the Adguard security certificate for Firefox was updated. Previously I was running a security certificate that expires August 22, 2021 without any issues. Last night security certificate dated April...
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    Ads Not Being Blocked In Flight Radar 24 App

    Adguard was doing a fantastic job of blocking ads on all of my Android phone apps up until 1 week ago. I am having issues with two of my apps now. The main issue is with Flight Radar 24. I can open the app and if I click on a flight shown on the radar to get more information about it I get a...
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    Slower Upload Speeds In Past Few Days

    I have Uverse fiber 100 internet which is rock solid. 100 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up. I had to start using the browser extension instead of the main Adguard program about 2 months ago due to the WPS driver slowing internet browsing to a crawl. Up until 3 days ago my browsing speeds with the...
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    [*] Https Exclusions Broken Again

    I have to disable https filtering in order to get to Even if I create an exclusion I still can not get to unless filtering is off. Can you all fix this? Latest version of Adguard, Windows 10 Pro 64bit, and several different browsers. Happens with Opera, Edge, and Firefox.