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  1. chief117

    What is AdGuard sending from my PC?

    Hi, What is AdGuard uploading from my computer that yesterday near midnight it has uploaded 1.6gb?
  2. chief117

    User Agent kinda working, kinda not

    Hi, AdGuard is working only partly for me. User Agent is one of those problems. I use latest Mozilla Firefox and Google knows my real User Agent. On Edge Google is kinda puzzled tho. Check screenshots below.
  3. chief117

    [Resolved]Cannot add DNS Provider to AdGuard

    Hello, Please help me add DNS Provider to AdGuard from official list: When I press on Add to AdGuard it says that sdns protocol is not signed to any app. I am using AdGuard and macOS Mojave. Also: I would like to add some DNS-over-HTTPS...