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  1. d0x

    700Mbps loss in speed with Adguard enabled

    Gonna post 2 images of speed tests. One with Adguard disabled and one with it enabled. Results are consistent across 30 runs.. First I was running the latest nightly, then downgraded to latest beta. Everything was fine until the latest nightly. Tested in chrome & edge on Android 11...
  2. d0x

    Never stay logged into sites

    I'm having an issue with 1st party cookies (I assume). Every time i visit a site in any browser I usually have to login again even if I check keep me logged in. A couple hours later I'll go to the site and need to login yet again. I can't figure out why, I've checked my Adguard settings and...
  3. d0x

    Filter all domains with wildcard?

    So i want to block EVERYTHING that could come from tencent. All domains, 3rd party requests either from tencent or another app or site requesting data from tencent. I've read the creating filter rules a couple times and I know I can do it using all sorts of symbols and things but why can't I...
  4. d0x

    [Solved] Adguard DNS (adblocking)

    So I was using the new Edge browser on my Xbox series x and the ads immediately made me go insane So I changed my router settings to use Adguard DNS with the fallback being alternate DNS which is also supposed to block ads. Then I rebooted the console and still saw the same amount of ads. Am...
  5. d0x

    So... Why can't it block Facebook?

    A new study came out and essentially Facebook and Instagram are the worst privacy offender's. I was curious if that means it can't filter anything in an app like Facebook or just ads? Also why from a technical...
  6. d0x

    Google FLoC Does Adguard have a way to block googles new tracking system built into chrome?
  7. d0x

    Creepy google blocking?

    Ok so recently my wife and I have noticed we are getting articles suggested to us in our Google now/assistant feed that are based off conversations we had. So we talk about something and maybe a week later we start getting articles. There are no searches or anything it's just a conversation...
  8. d0x

    Auto play video in chrome...

    There doesn't seem to be a way to disable it. I've shut it off in settings but I still see auto play videos everywhere. I try to block them with adguard rules but it's on a site by site basis and takes like 10 min per site and isn't permanent. This doesn't happen in Firefox so I'm hoping...
  9. d0x

    Auto playing videos

    In chrome (can't use Firefox or I would) I have auto play shut off for audio and video yet I constantly see auto play videos... Is there something I'm missing here?
  10. d0x

    Firefox Preview stopped working

    Firefox didn't work but I was told firefox preview would, and it did until a couple weeks least that's when I noticed. I get the this page isn't safe warning on everything. Is there any way to get any version of firefox working with adguard not counting having a rooted phone? Thanks!
  11. d0x

    Firefox won't work with adguard enabled.

    I'm trying to switch to Firefox but if adguard is enabled I can't use completely default and fresh install of Firefox (v68) I've attached a screenshot of the error. It basically is saying every websites security cert is invalid. Am I missing something in the adguard settings that's Firefox...
  12. d0x

    Websites detecting adguard

    Ive started seeing a new pain in the *** on the web and it's sites detecting adblocking and then refreshing until they don't. I'm sure everyone is working on beating whatever the new methods of detection are so if you want an example of a site I just couldn't visit I've attached a screenshot...
  13. d0x

    [Resolved]Possible its blocking a router login page?

    I had a Nighthawk xr500 but i upgraded to a Archer AX6000. I use the same gateway address for both, Problem is i cant load the Archers settings, the browser always says its blocked like there is a network error. I even did 2 fresh browser installs to check on those any i still...
  14. d0x

    Gboard issue

    Ill preface this with the fact that I've been having lots of weird issues lately and I've just sent detailed logs on another issue. So Gboard AKA Google's Android keyboard... If adguard is enabled and I hit the gif button and try to search for a gif it will never load BUT only on WiFi. Disable...
  15. d0x

    Strange issue with cd project red site

    Weird adgaurd issue here, I changed every filter to try and solve it... When trying to go to I instead get directed to... From there it asks me pick a country but USA isnt in the list. Using the latest nightly build on a...
  16. d0x

    Speed issues after recent update

    I have 2 phones, a note 9 and note 10+ that both recently saw a major loss in speed when connected to WiFi and only wifi with adguard turned on. Speed tests show the connection is around 800Mbps and wifi signal tests show high signal strength on both bands. The only other thing the devices...
  17. d0x

    Adguard adding text at bottom of browser, never happened before(nightly build).

    Yesterday Adguard updated to 7.4 nightly 7 and a while after i noticed that at the bottom of chrome there would be text that said things like waiting for some adguard url or some other things (screen shot will be included). If i move my mouse near the text it will switch sides of the screen...
  18. d0x

    Not blocking cookie notice on and more

    Unfortunately the only one that I remember (because I visit it daily) is but as I see them I'll add urls to this post as the others I've noticed are from random news sites I don't normally visit. Basically like the title says I'm seeing more and more of those cookie warning slide...
  19. d0x

    LastPass question

    I have adguard setup to NOT route LastPass traffic through it and I also have LastPass setup so I don't have to constantly login and I've also shut off battery optimization so Android isn't closing it. However multiple times a day on my note 10+ Im being logged out of LastPass. The timing of...
  20. d0x

    Anyone ever seen anything like this?

    See attached screenshot. I know my Google account hasn't been breached, between my PW and 2 factor it's unlikely but I also got an email if someone logs in. Today at about 1pm I got notifications on both my Google calendar and my Samsung calendar and I have no idea where they came from...