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  1. Trumpsaduck


    IOS 15.4 Adguard broken
  2. Trumpsaduck


    500+ms-1.4 s dns latency for every server except for quad9?
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    Adguard does not work with iOS 15.1.
  4. Trumpsaduck

    Adguard is working-iOS 15 beta 2

    Carry on…
  5. Trumpsaduck

    AdGuard 4.1.1 working…

    With iOS 15 beta 1
  6. Trumpsaduck

    Where is my subscription when I log in?

    I log into my account an dont see my subscription to Adguard Premium, just where I can enter a license. I call support and nobody is available.
  7. Trumpsaduck

    [Resolved]Adguard Premium 3.1.3

    With the point(beta) release of iOS 13.3.1, adguard premium shows adblocking in the DNS log, but does not work for any blocking. Or, system wide blocking like it has up to the official release of 13.3.
  8. Trumpsaduck

    AdGuard 3.0

    Works flawlessly with iOS 13 beta, 5, 6 , 7, 8. System wide. Incredible, no lag, no big deal, works.
  9. Trumpsaduck

    Element blocking broken iOS 13 beta 3

    Works untill I press open in adguard. Then, goes straight to the main page instead of the user filter page so the element can be added. Yes, I know, its a beta, im sick of not blocking ads and other crap on MY device, MY way. Apple can go pound sand!
  10. Trumpsaduck

    AdGuard and ios 11.4

    And not just 11.4 beta, if a 7+ goes to sleep, AdGuard disconnects and the phone needs to be restarted. Yep, restarted, because it will not connect to anything. This is sloppy code. I will change it. Oh, thanks for changing my username was Trumpsadick. I do not trust AdGuard, or you.
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    I’d like to request support for Smart Invert. Ios 11.3
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    Says: “Adblock not detected”. This used to say adblock is enabled 2 days ago. Adguard pro 1.3.3 on ios 11.3 beta is working everywhere else, but now, not here. This causes me to question why. I have changed nothing. Adguard, or the detection site(five filters), has. Id like to find out what is...
  13. Trumpsaduck

    Adding subscription filters

    When adding a subscription filter, is it best to disable all Adguard filters?
  14. Trumpsaduck

    No adblock detected...

    Adguard Pro for ios 2.0.0(132) seems to be working fine in apps and Safari. When checking, Adguard is not detected. However, it is detected only when I add the modVOID filter subscription from domainvoid. Im using adguard dnscrypt, the English, social, spy, annoyance, mobile and...
  15. Trumpsaduck

    IOS 11.3 Beta 1

    I was hoping this would not happen just yet, the new beta released today is smooth and wonderful. It also broke full tunnel in AdGuard Pro 1.3.3. In full tunnel mode, when handing off to wifi from data, reboot, then connects to wifi. It’s smooth when turning off wifi, or using split-tunnel...