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    Can we expect custom filter subscription by url?

    So the Adguard has a user filter but it's not enough to switch that turn it off or on. Such as "User filter 1: http://somewhere/1.txt", "User filter 2: http://somewhere/2.txt", "User filter 3: http://somewhere/3.txt". I think this would be really nice that I can manage these filters like a...
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    How to block ads script added by ISP/mobile provider ??

    What a freakin ISP.... That codes trying to access ad server or script something. No deserve to check it. u can just simply add a rule like this
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    [Resolved] adblocker detection

    Really simple rules without aak-Reek javascript. Thanks
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    block search in twitter

    It will work forever unless tag's id changed.
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    Need a option when preview block element

    Yes. but Finish preview make me click Advanced settings again. I want to keep it opened.
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    Why AdGuard blocked HTML rules in extensions? :(

    It's work! Thanks. and It was uploaded in filter section too, sorry about the duplicate thread.
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    Test page : I have filters experimental, anti adblock killer and my own but didn't succeed. :/ I assume this script is a one of famous anti-adblock around of the internet.
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    [Resolved] Anti Adblock Script based site

    ah ha! forgot the experimental filter! Thanks it's good to go.
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    [Resolved] Anti Adblock Script based site

    can Adguard avoid Antiblock script? failed on chrome/Adguard 2.0.8 with Anti-Adblock Killer-Reek script. sample : sample :
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    Need a option when preview block element

    Currently I'm using advanced settings at some cases, but may it inconvenient for do that. Preview action provide to me very useful views but It hides Lager-Smaller option and Advanced settings for everytime. sometimes it's good but sometimes it's not. but I'm prefer latter. It would be more...
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    Why AdGuard blocked HTML rules in extensions? :(

    forget it. I found the answer by search. but I don't know how to solve script based anti-adblock sites in browser extension.. Some site is easy to disable ads by poor anti-adblock trigger, but some of not. for example, I believe this is the trigger. What...