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    CDiscount page numbers not working in search results

    Hello, In Chrome (version 99.0.4844.82 ), using AdGuard 7.9.1 on Windows 10, when I perform a search on CDiscount, I stumble upon a problem. At the bottom of the search results, if I click on subsequent page numbers, I can't go to that next page of the search results. When I click on page 2...
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    St. Patrick's day special on Thursday 17th

    Hello, I was just wondering if there will be a rebate for St. Patrick's day on Thursday :) Time to upgrade to an unlimited family license ;) Thank you guys for this great ab-blocking application.
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    Return a 200 HTTP status code with a dummy document for the application

    In Google News, online newspaper articles have advertisements here and there, that are successfully blocked; however, the locations of the advertisements are replaced by 404 error pages when they were expected to be loaded in an iframe: The same article, loaded in a web browser doesn't have...
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    [Solved] Rule of user's manual isn't valid synthax, according to AdGuard

    I tried some of the examples listed in the manual, and this rule, when pasted into AdGuard, isn't considered valid by the application: ||^$document,redirect=noopframe This code is in this section:
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    Are old ad-blocking rules removed as they aren't relevant anymore?

    Hello, I was wondering how big the list of ad-blocking rules can grow over the years. Are old ad-blocking rules removed as they aren't relevant anymore? I understand this is a tedious task, but the smaller the list, the more efficient the application performs.
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    Removing DOM nodes, not just hiding them

    Hello, I had a look at the way AdGuard gets rid of unwanted content on web pages. It seems items inside the web page are hidden with CSS rules. The CSS selectors used to identify the DOM nodes (HTML tags) could also be used to remove the nodes straight out from the source code, instead of...
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    How to replace default 404 error pages in iframes with white page?

    Hello, In web pages, whenever an iframe includes a page that is blocked, it displays a default green Android 404 error page. How can I replace default 404 error pages in iframes with a white page? This is to make the page cleaner instead of displaying a green android robot in the middle of the...
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    Are blocking lists regularly updated from officials repositories?

    Hello, I'd like to know if blocking lists are regularly updated from officials repositories. These are the main lists I have in mind: EasyList Liste FR ABP filters EasyPrivacy Fanboy's Notifications Blocking List Fanboy's Social Blocking List I don't care about cookies Thank you ;)