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    AdGuard Windows 7 .Net Framework Issue.

    Hello there, I had been using Adguard Windows for a quite while already without any issues till today. I have had couple of security updates on my Windows 7 laptop, and Adguard Windows started to close by itself without any error message. When I tried to start it by clicking its exe file, it...
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    Hello there, I use Adguard pro for all of my devices. (Windows,Android,iOS). I have been extremely satisfied with the team's hard work behind it. I am having a little problem with some of the websites I visit daily basis. Some of them recognize my Adguard apps, and blocking me to visit the...
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    Score! Hero Game.

    Hello there, First of all, I would like to say some stuff. I have been using your app for all of my devices. I have purchased all the licenses for every platform you provide for. (My iphone, laptop, and android tablet) I am extremely happy and satisfied with your hard work. I have encountered...
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    Question about AdGuard PRO

    Hello there, I would like to ask you a question about the Adguard Pro version. I have purchased one 2 days ago. I have checked the entire forum for the answer, but couldn't see any related messages. Sorry if there was one. Anyways. I was just wondering that when I launch the app, it sometimes...