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    Facebook welcome message is stripping tagged members

    When you do a welcome new members feature as an admin for a Facebook group it creates a post with a bunch of tagged members. With Adguard enabled it is preventing me from seeing the tags. The area circled in blue is removed by Adguard.
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    Facebook Suggested for you ads

    Can we please get an option to block these? My timeline is littered with them. I created a rule, but they still show up This is what it created which removes the current one but it shows up again when you scroll down the timeline. > div:nth-child(2) >...
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    Can you block Suggestions from Facebook?

    Facebook slams me with constant "Suggested for you" ads to join Facebook groups. Can we get an option to block them?
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    Adguard is blocking a legit block in Facebook for group admins

    This is blocked with Adguard on. If you are an admin for a Facebook group they give you the option to click the member's name and see the stats on them. This entire window is blanked out. If I disable Adguard it works as expected.
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    Adguard is making many sites way too slow to use

    I am having a lot of issues with Facebook load times and scrolling. I finally disabled Adguard for Facebook and it's a very big improvement in speed. I use Chrome 96.0.4664.110 with Windows 10. I have a Core i7, 16gb of ram. Some sites can take up to 8-10 seconds to load, disable Adguard and...
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    Adguard and don't work well with search

    For some odd reason Adguard interferes when doing a search on The keyboard does not respond for several seconds when you try and enter any search criteria, it's extremely laggy. Once I disable Adguard for IMDB the keyboard responds correctly. I am using Chrome on Win 10.
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    Bug on ToyotaNation forum or Kia forums

    They all use the same software and with Adguard enabled the display is all messed up. For example with Adguard enabled you cannot click 'Full forum Listing'
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    [Resolved] Bug on

    I cannot click any photo in my photostream. It does nothing. If I disable Adguard it works.
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    [Resolved] Adguard messes up TV Guide site

    Formatting is all messed up when using AdGuard on this site for any news:
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    [Resolved] Facebook newsfeed is hosed with Adguard

    As of last night (8/28/18) with Adguard enabled (I updated my filters) my Facebook newsfeed is out of control. It shows an article, clears the screen, shows the next article, clears the screen and does this in loop for about a minute or so and finally says no more articles here. If I disable...
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    Facebook custom rules

    By chance could you give us a rule to delete this Discover members stuff?
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    No longer blocking Facebook suggested posts

    Starting today, my Facebook is riddled with these inline timeline posts that start with "Suggested post" and XYZ likes this... It's all ads. Adguard always did a great job removing them. It's no longer blocking any of them.