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    Embedded videos on the domain are blocked. For instance
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    A rule valid for all websites

    Hi, can anyone skilled modify the below rule to be valid for all websites and not just for'ubo-acis.js', 'String.fromCharCode') Thanks!
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    All videos are blocked. AG extension v3.5.20
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    Adblock detected, see snap.
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    Stop updating

    Hi, I have stumbled upon a thing that perhaps needs your attention. I was having some intermittent internet stoppages today what caused the update module of filters and extensions got stuck and I couldn't stop the update unless killing its process. Therefore it would be helpful to have an...
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    ETARGET movable ads across the website (articles).
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    The content is blocked by AG (Opera's inbuilt ad blocker disabled).
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    It seems that AG blocks the live coverage at
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    Flooded by ads which distort/break the web itself.
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    AG blocks: 1) alternative translates - when you click on translations you should see the alternative translates beneath the translation table. 2) the widely known sentences - writing for instance "I have ..." it automatically offers the widely known sentences like "I have sent" etc.
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    An ad blocker detected.
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    A rule instead of change of the user agent

    Hello! Anyone capable to write me a custom rule as a replacement for change of the user agent as described in this thread? Thanks a lot!
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    My Instagram issue resolved

    I was having an issue with Instagram. Especially the site has changed the look, probably coded to the latest browser engines (IE11, Chromium 56 etc.). How the site looked before. How the site looks now. The difference is apparent. The field Search was missing in the new coded site. And I...
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    A couple of ads there again. 1. On the main page 2. In every article (for instance ) and ETARGET odkazy 3...
  15. P - favicons

    I have got following custom rules to block favicons (I hate them). $$link[rel="icon"] $$link[rel="Icon"] $$link[rel="ICON"] *.ico* *favicon* However they began to showing up on this forum recently. Yet a few days back they were all blocked. What happened or have changed that they cannot be...
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    is blocked.
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    Adguard blocks loading of signing components. Whitelisting of the site doesn't help. I had to shut down Adguard completely. A quick fix is needed asap!
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    Ad at the top of webpage ( and floating ad ( on the right side.
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    NSFW - There is an age confirmation overlay.
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    [Resolved] NSFW -

    A few missed ads on the top and along right side down the page.