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    Stubborn notification refuses to be blocked?

    Adguard seems to have trouble blocking the notification from as shown below. It takes a few seconds for it to appear. I have both Adguard web and Adguard for windows installed.
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    [Windows App] Adguard will not allow news videos to play An example news video shown above will not play unless AG is disabled. In fact, any video on and refuses to play unless AG is disabled. How can I resolve this issue?
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    Videos will not play unless AG is turned off ...

    Hi: I can't seem to play videos from this site,35715.html or in general unless I turn of Adguard filtering. Happens for MS Edge, Firefox and Chrome browsers. How can I fix this? Thanks, David
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    Problem with CNN videos and AG with Chrome

    Hi: I'm having problems playing videos on ( using googles chrome web browser. Disabling filtering doesn't seem to help... These videos play fine using MS Edge browser. Thanks, David
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    Norton AV ID's AdGuard as Dangerous!

    Hi: I woke up this morning with a message from my longtime Norton Antivirus software that a catastrophic error had occurred and that it could no longer function as designed. I then spent an hour with their tech-support who remotely run Norton Power Eraser to identify bad and dangerous programs...
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    [Resolved] audio selection tool problem Here is a site for a Subwoofer manufacturer who helps you select the optimum crossover frequency for your main speakers to use with their subwoofer. You enter the manufacturer and speaker model of your main or front Left/Right speakers and it recommends the...
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    AdGuard icon doesn't show up in tray on boot-up with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

    I for some reason, no longer see the Adguard icon in the system tray on boot up when i upgraded to Win 10 AE. I see the AG service running in the task manager. I can manually start the GUI, no problem and then the AG icon shows up in the system tray. How do i fix this? I add
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    [bug] AdGuard blocking some features of Grammarly online spell checker

    Hi: I use an online spell-checker called Grammarly and AG seems to block some aspects of it that prevents it from identifying potential spelling errors. Grammarly is a chrome plug-in as well as a microsoft word plug-in as well. The MS word plug-in works fine as expected but the online plugin...
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    Setup keeps saying "AdGuard is already Installed"

    Hi: I have a unique and frustrating problem and hope can get some help from here... I had prior problems between Adguard v6.0 and my home theater Synology NAS at home where it prevented me from logging onto the NAS. When I manually typed in the physical address, I would log on but if I typed...