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    Notifications on Spark mail don't work with Adguard

    Hello, I use the very handful and smart mail service, Spark. But some times the notification don't work for some reason, and after some parametrizations it works again, without knowing exactly witch one makes it works. But now, I have the response, actually when Adguard is activated it works...
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    Adguard don't block ads on Word Domination app

    Hello, I remark that ads aren't no more blocked in some apps, particularly the app Word Domination witch I use so often. Is this fixable, or it's like YouTube and Facebook issue? Thank you
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    Webpage not available

    Hello, When adguard remove some ads, in the place of thoses ads I have the block (on attach) witch is in some cases worse than the ads themselves. Thank you for helping me to solve this and to make adguard better
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    [Resolved] Videos don't start on

    Hello, on the link below you can experience that if adguard is activated, the videos will not start. link: my filters : AdGuard Annoyances filter Up to date AdGuard French...
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    [Resolved] Adblock detection

    Hello, If I try to watch a video from, it's doesn't work and I have a message that tells me to deactivate Adguard. In attachments, an example from AdGuard Annoyances filter Up to date AdGuard French filter Up to...
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    [*] broken

    Hello, When I want to watch a video, it displays me that I'm not login in, while I'm. The only solution is to deactivate Adguard. The link of the video : My filters : AdGuard French...
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    [Resolved] Problem with the website

    Hello, I am a great fan of the website of the first French TV tf1, I daily visit it. However since some days, I can't watch any videos with adguard actived, the videos don't start in this case. So I contact you to solve this problem, it is very important to me, and the major issue with tf1 is...