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    Do I need to do change any settings to make NordVPN when downloading torrents?

    I have NordVPN desktop app on my Windows 11 laptop and I use qBittorrent for torrenting. I am trying to figure out what is causing my download speeds to be between 15kb/s and 30kb/s. Do I need to do anything with adguard settings
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    Using VPN but ISP still sees my activity

    I am using my Adguard VPN on my Samsung phone while at home and I download torrents. Spectrum keeps sending me copyright messages and suspends my account until I agree to some message they email me.
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    Does AdGuard work on apps/programs on PC? Can I disable it?

    I'm just wondering if adguard has an effect on apps and programs on my Windows PC laptop. If it does is there a way to prevent it from do anything on certain apps/programs???
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    My router login page won't fully load then crashes

    I am trying to log in to my router at and it wont fully load everything then a minute or 2 later the page crashes. If I turn off AdGuard completely it will work but that will be annoying having to turn it off and on everytime I need to log into my routers. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Certain apps no longer refreshing or updating....

    I've had adguard installed since like May and everything was going fine until just recently and a lot of apps that I use regularly don't update unless I go into the app and there's some features in certain apps that don't even work at all TweetCaster won't let me go into my messages inside the...