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    prevent adguard's own ssl

    Hi, is there a way to filter https but prevent adguard from inserting their own ssl?
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    Weird Malaysian IP when using AdGuard DNS

    I have AdGuard Pro for iOS and when I turn on the DNS option and use any app to read my network information, they all report my DNS IP is which shows somewhere in Malaysia. Even when I enter my own custom DNS, the DNS IP stays I have turned AdGuard completely off...
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    AdGuard blocking Windows Security "Select Certificate" window

    I had to uninstall Adguard on my computer because it is blocking Windows Security "Select Certificate" window on two of my PCs. Basically, we have MFA setup at work with either smart card certs or locally installed certs. When Adguard is installed and I try to log on, it completely blocks the...
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    AdGuard Pro - not working in Facebook app web browser

    When using Facebook app and clicking on links to articles, Facebook opens the articles in its own built-in browser. Adguard does not block any ads in the built-in browser and just shows everything! Not sure if Twitter does the same too. It would be great if there is a way to filter that junk out...
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    AdGuard Pro for iOS - whitelist apps

    Just purchased Adguard Pro for iOS and its great. However, can you please make it so that we can whitelist apps? Maybe a section where we see all of our installed apps and turn on/off toggles to have apps whitelisted or filtered. That would make it so much easier than writing custom filters...
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    [Resolved] - Picture gallery view

    Filters enabled: English, Spyware, Annoyances Website: Example: Problem: Engadget pictures gallery does not display correctly when the English filter is enabled. If you visit the sample page and click on their...
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    [Resolved] - Missed ad [Windows]

    I frequent website and there is always this missed ad at the bottom left of the page Website: <- homepage, no need to login Filter: English filter Thank you for all the great effort
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    [Resolved] - Blocked links to Windows Store[Windows] is a website that reports Microsoft news. From time to time, they have blog posts about new applications in the Windows store. However, the download links they include to the Windows Store get blocked by adguard. Sample page...