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    [Fixed] might be a scriptlet issue not sure

    great! thanks for your help!
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    [Fixed] might be a scriptlet issue not sure

    could you please check the latest nightly version of AdGuard?
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    [Fixed] might be a scriptlet issue not sure

    do you use AdGuard Browser extension? could you please specify it's version and the browser? is the issue reproducing in incognito mode?
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    Iran advertising filter

    we already have it as "Iranian filter"
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    Stealth Modifier Not Being Honored in User Filter

    @Timmy256 unfortunately I can not reproduce the issue at my end is it comfortable for you to provide remote access for checking/solving that?
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    Chrome Web Store - AdGuard AdBlocker

    open Filtering log filter all requests by "Blocked" and look for your element or just search it then open the request, "Unblock" and "Add a rule" refresh the page
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    Stealth Modifier Not Being Honored in User Filter

    sorry for so late response could you please specify what exactly user rules you tried?
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    Stealth Modifier Not Being Honored in User Filter

    @Timmy256 specify please the website you want to fix and user rules you trying to apply
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    Cookies : white list

    there is no such opportunity for now. but we already have similar feature request for AdGuard extension. cookie modifier can be used for whitelisting specific cookie
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    [Solved] Reeder 4

    @TGS Reeder 4 should be in a list of filtered apps: and if it's not there, choose "+" to add the app to the list
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    @x2088 для таких случаев вам лучше отправить жалобу на сайт с указанием проблемы "Некорректная блокировка", с помощью Ассистента все настройки автоматически подтянутся, вручную нужно будет добавить скриншотов (что немаловажно чтобы мы понимали что именно не так)
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    [Resolved] How can I block javascript in website?

    try such user rule'prevent-setTimeout', 'magnificPopup') and if it does not help, specify the website please where you are going to block that script
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    Пролазит "полезная" реклама при поиске через Duckduckgo

    @scorpikor попробуйте такое пользователькое правило:
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    New Edge displays web page title twice and covers over other lines

    @flinchlock could you please report the website? all necessary setting will be autofilled to reporting tool and you should upload screenshots and fill a few more little fields
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    YouTube Video need a reload to start

    could you please try this user rules: ||$ @@||*&ancestor_origins=http$xmlhttprequest, if you use AdGuard standalone app and rules above do not help, try: ||$
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    Проблема с авторизацией на сайте

    поправили, сейчас уже должно быть ок. если нет — обновите фильтры вручную
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    Please help me block GET/POST/... request to specified link

    to block specific request you should add such user rule: ||$
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    AdGuard Pop-up Blocker (extensions)

    when you press print-button, the information popup appears. that's where you can allow popups for specific websites
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    one more thing if you have Base filter enabled, EasyList is not required because it's already included in Base filter
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    first of all, Simplified Domain Names filter list (SND) is not recommended to use in AdGuard apps or extensions secondly, it does not enhance the filtering performance of AdGuard DNS — AdGuard DNS just use it for it's performance yes, SND filter is composed of several other filters but it...