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    Adguard Home vs Adguard software or adguard extension getting white blank boxes

    Hi, I am using all same filters perhaps more on the Adguard home software but getting the white boxes where advertisement might be present, whereas adguard software removes it entirely. Is it as product issue or something wrong on my end? Thanks
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    bulk change > HTTPS filtering not working on any device

    I have a lifetime license and cannot ever apply bulk https filtering on any android phone, android tablet or fire tv stick? Am I doing something wrong or this is a bug which has not been fixed for years? Thanks
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    Custom DNS Filter

    Hi, I am new to the forum and not super tech savy. I am trying to use a user filter in DNS custom filter. I have this in user filters- ||*.mp4$media,redirect=noopmp4-1s, However I cannot add the entire thing in DNS filters. It gives an error...