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    Use WFP network driver prevents browsing?

    I rebooted my windows 10 (haven't done so for weeks) and updated adguard. Browsing any site doesn't work, until I disable adguard. I enable adguard and narrow it down If I uncheck Network settings > Traffic filtering > Use WFP network driver, then everything works again.
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    Can adguard be made undetectable?

    Here's is one I remember. There are more I'll have to post them later when I come across them.
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    Can adguard be made undetectable?

    Some web site detects I'm using an ad blocker and ask me to disable it before allowing me to proceed. Can adguard have a stealth mode so it can appear that I disable the ad blocker? It can download the ads and throw it away without showing me.
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    deactivate license on android?

    I bought a new phone how do I deactivate adguard from my old phone (no longer using) to free up the license? Uninstalling the app doesn't do the trick.
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    blank dialog while updating to 6.0

    While updating from 5 to 6.0, a mostly blank dialog pops up. It is also always on top. While thinking what to do with it, adguard 6 finished installing and the main windows is displayed. This blank dialog is still on the screen. Eventually I clicked on the left button and it went away...
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    Can adguard coexist with other VPN services?

    Can I have both adguard and a VPN service running on my android device at the same time? If the answer is no, then if I turn off adguard, can I install and run a VPN service? If the answer is also no, does that mean I have to uninstall adguard before I install and run a VPN service?