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    AdGuard roadmap - Block windows telemtry

    Regarding your intentions of blocking windows telemetry with adguard You should take a look to this project
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    AdGuard and StealthMode (canvas defender)

    Why don't you merge this two extensions? is there a reason to keep them separated? StealthMode could simply be and additional tab of adguard extension. On the other hand do you plan to add a feature like this: Recomended read...
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    Unified hosts file with base extensions

    Extending and consolidating hosts files from a variety of sources like,,,,, and potentially others. You can optionally invoke extensions to block additional sites by category...
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    AdGuard 5.10.2016.6286 and ad blocker browser addons

    I have chrome with ublock and ghostery. If I open IE or chrome with incognito mode adguard is working because the ads are blocked, I can't see them, but in the normal chrome session with ublock and ghostery I can still see how they are blocking or at least reporting the blocked ads like if...
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    Feedback about AdGuard

    I would like to give my feedback about adguard. 1. New Functionality - IP block capabilities, like peerblock ( since it's open source maybe the code can be integrated in Adguard. 2. Interface - The text in the program is very little, the interface needs some work. 3...
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    AdGuard list

    Is Adguard using the the adblock lists? Can we have the details about the list being used? are these the same or any better? Can you include Adguard ni this test: