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    Apps Bypass AdGuard Pro?

    The Mac version Adguard has a Filtered Applications option, is it possible to add a option" filtered applications" option to Adguard Pro? That way we can bypass some apps that don't need any blocks.
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    Annoyance broken iOS 10.3

    On iOS 10.3 Adguard Pro Annoyance filter not working when blocking elements on websites. Possible the new APFS file system for iOS?
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    Apple Tv 4 -Adgurd DNS?

    I have setup Adguard DNS on my router, why is Youtube showing ads for Apple TV 4?
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    AdGuard Mac AppStore?

    Why is Adguard not available through the Mac AppStore?
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    AdGuard Pro Sync- iOS / Mac

    Can you make Adguard Pro sync across all Apple devices iPhone, iPad, Mac with same iCloud account?