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    WFP driver caused issue of being unable to access router settings + loading of certain websites

    Steps to reproduce: 1. Uncheck and disable every settings on the main page (optional) 2. Turn on WFP driver (OS restart may be required) 3. Go to on a browser 4. Try clicking sign in 5. Browser will get into infinite loading, regardless the entered credential is correct or wrong...
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    [Resolved] blank music playing window

    Spyware filter is causing Amazon's sample music playing window to be unable to load. Example link: Scroll down till you see the song tracklist where there are play buttons. Click the button...
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    Firefox video playback is extremely slow with AdGuard

    Problem: Video loads extremely slow on all sites. Even popular sites like Dailymotion is terrible. While it's slightly better on Youtube, it's still terrible. For some sites, it's slow to the extent that the video only starts after like 30 mins! I am using Firefox 50.0 currently and it is my...
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    Problem - Site will appear black where the huge pictures should be at. Cause - Japanese filter
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    [Resolved] Russian filter causes Viral Thread articles to appear as blank page

    Any articles I click in Viral Thread ( will appear as a blank page to me in Chrome and Firefox (didn't test other browsers). Found out that Russian filter is the cause of the problem. Hopefully it can be fixed without having to disable the filter everytime I access...
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    Amazon loading issue with English filter

    Hello, I'm encountering an issue from Amazon with English filter. To replicate it, go to From there, scroll down the rankings till you see 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100. Click any one of them except 1-20. After the page refreshes...
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    AdGuard significantly reduces my Download bandwidth!

    With Adguard completely off: With Adguard on: The consequence is very apparent when downloading or when watching videos. It's much slower. Even at Dailymotion I can no longer watch 720p videos, and even 480p can't stream smoothly. Is this by design? Or technical issue? I sure...