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  1. Roccobot

    Whitelisting Facebook profile videos

    I'm trying to whitelist Facebook profile videos, which I can't see now. I mean the video version of users' profile pics (I don't know how they're called in English, sorry). Obviously, I'd like to keep my current filterset as it is, and I'd like not to break any major ad blocking. I don't know...
  2. Roccobot

    Reddit messages

    Some weeks ago I asked for help because with Adguard active I couldn't see the text contained under a 'spoiler' drawer in a forum page. I can't find the thread anymore, and I didn't receive any update. Anyway, I have the same issue (from a user standpoint, it's exactly behavior) with Reddit...
  3. Roccobot


    I don't know if I need to add another post for this, but I'm trying to figure out another thing. On this example page (source since you need to be logged), it happens that I can't view forum spoilers, and I've already verified that it's due to some Adguard filters, since it works if I turn it...
  4. Roccobot

    Skip bloatware/malware pages from malicious adv-based URL shorteners

    Basically, a feature I recently discovered in uBlock Origin which I use at work: really handy (also improves security a lot), so I'd like to have the same in Adguard. Don't know if it's just a filter thing or if it has to be implemented specifically as a feature. Anyway, I enabled all the uBlock...
  5. Roccobot

    May need some help to create a complex rule

    Hello, I'm trying to write a rule to block the following iframe on a specific domain, let's say <iframe id="EU3rWhhcDTy" scrolling="no" style="position: fixed; display: block; z-index: 2147483647; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; outline: none; border: none; background-color...
  6. Roccobot

    [Resolved] I get stuck in rarbg threat defence page

    Hello, since some weeks I'm unable to pass the threat defense page of some websites like and this happens only with Chrome (the only browser which I use with Adguard protection, so I'm pretty sure it's some filter thing). My active filter lists are: • English...
  7. Roccobot

    Twitter and Facebook embed

    I'm using some anti-social annoyances which I really enjoy, BUT I'd like to see embedded tweets and Instagram posts in pages. Example: this page has a Twitter widget and I see it like this. Any suggestion for a proper whitelist rule? Thanks
  8. Roccobot

    Google Images results page suddenly not loading anymore

    Hello, I use Google Images a lot, looking for visual reference while designing things, so I basically make several searches a day. Since two days the results page is not properly loading anymore and for any keyword I get an incomplete page without the result thumbnails. Search query sample...