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  1. Rob3rt

    AdGuard for Android 3.2.150

    in 3.2.150 i love extensions but I can't find the extension ( AdGuard Assistant ) ! PopupBlocker I downloaded from :
  2. Rob3rt

    [AdGuard for Android] v3.0.291 Release

    I have version 3.0.297 , I really like the black theme and I like the new interface . congratulations ADguard Team !
  3. Rob3rt

    AdGuard beta testing

    in version 3.0.166n missing the PPTP VPN option ...if it can be added. thank you
  4. Rob3rt

    AdGuard beta testing

    I have the Nightly version v3.0.166n (1.2.150cl) is verry good on my galaxy S9 android PIE :) . I really like that I can hide the real name of the browser :) . I want to know when the stable version will be available :) , thank you
  5. Rob3rt

    Translate too romanian language

    pai nu e ca nu vreau , vreau ....doar ca prefer engleza :):) as vrea sa particip la traducerea aplicatiei , cum pot face asta ? Multumesc
  6. Rob3rt

    AdGuard for Android beta test

    I have v2.10.6 is verry good app !
  7. Rob3rt

    Translate too romanian language

    I use English Even if the application Gets update to:p:D Romanian language is also used in English