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    Does Adguard is RSC WFP compatible driver ?

    From overview ESET 10 version and all other version below , they were not RSC WFP Compatible drivers. But now that ESET 11 is supported . is Adguard support it also ? because the system needs all Drivers to be WFP compatible for RSC to work. Especially any network related This thread I wrote...
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    Adguard Extension + Ublock Origin

    If I use both of them , I have on Ublock some error about redirect This extension failed to redirect a network request to...
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    Adguard 6.2 Beta Popup Blocker Beta

    When using this extension it tries to block pictures that you searched on google and trying to clicked on them, which is fine as you can allow it. but when you try to disable the extension from adguard and reopening chrome it still tries to block ( still running even if it's disabled ) is it...
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    Can Stealth Mode cause issues ?

    Using for example it a lot of times can't connect to the server. and I need to repeatedly try again and again. Trying to disable Stealth works just fine now, but I can't be sure if it's because using TDI driver instead WDF or if it's the Adguard 6.2 beta or disabling Stealth...
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    Downloading with Utorrent 2.2.1 causing high CPU Usage

    When downloading torrents from utorrent Adguard is using 10% cpu for no reason, I disabled Utorrent from the Filtered Apps.. I'm using TDI . What else there is a reason for Adguard to use high CPU Usage on app it doesn't suppose to filter ? Using Adguard 6.2 Beta TDI network driver because of...
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    Features to Adguard official version

    Is it possible to add Import Export like the beta version ? this should be a very main feature for any software, it's already on the beta, why no on the official ? The main reason we need it is because, if there is a need to test the beta version for any test, then I'll need to revert back and...
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    Adguard causing high DPC Latency

    For example when using Windows 10 Edge browser for example just going and clicking on one of the links there , causing jumps to 21K ! with Adguard closed , the biggest jump is just 90-200 . What can cause this issue ? it must be the WDF filter or something. how can we improve the...
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    When release 6.2 final ?

    So long it's beta stage... Thanks
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    adguard not working properly from teamviewer

    Can't reach the menus when using teamviewer.
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    can I use anti adblock killer continued with AdGuard ?

    If so how ? adding the extension to adguard and using tampermonkey or do I also need ublock or adblock and just use this one filter and all the others on adguard ? thanks
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    Inbound network traffic AdGuard IP

    I got this notification . Is it adguard server ?
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    The site detect adblock and stop to play the video after couple seconds. Adguard 6.1.331.1732 all filters are updated Windows 10 x64 1703 15063.540 Chrome 61 x64 Filters Anti , english filter, spyware filter, annoyances filter, filter unblocking useful ads, russian filter, german...
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    Why this happens with adguard 6.1 ?

    you can see the square in the middle ? that's adguard while still having the main window open you can clearly see the arrow changing and you can still click on the options and settings but can't see anything. what causing it ?
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    [Resolved] AdGuard 6.1 and 6.2 doesn't block adblock warnings

    I'm receiving on many websites like adblock warnings. it started since last couple days . English Filter causing it to show up. What do I need to do ? I tried using with English Filter with AAK Cont Filter for uBlock Origin with...
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    AdGuard 6.1 windows 10 Creators chrome 59 high Cpu usage Speedtest

    Hi, when checking with chrome or any browser with adguard enabled and running the cpu goes to 55%-75% usage. closing adguard fix the issue, disabling protection is not enough. I tried disabling protections one by one, nothing stop it. maybe reinstall ? What can I do ? for example...